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Hello, I would like to welcome you to the wikia for the Supernatural RP chat or Mystic Falls. This chat has nothing to do with the show Supernatural or the show Vampire Diaries, other than bits and pieces of lore inspired by them. Now I see you wish to expand your knowledge on how the chat works. How it's beings work and such at least, so I suggest going to this page here.

It will take you to the category of all lores so you can pick which being you wish to learn about, now remember if you cannot find the lore you are searching for there look around the wikia for a bit. Ask a friendly admin or mod if you need help, not all beings have lore with the chat so if you would like to see a being on here to have it's own lore please message us. Thank you and happy hunting.

The City Awaits.Edit

Welcome to Mystic falls, the town itself is of moderate size. Not too large but yet not small, there are several bars and motels making it clearly a town for passerby's. Though within the seemingly never ending forest the packs of wolves merge into clans that must answer to the law, vampires stay in the older part of town. A district now run down and barely functioning unlike the more modern area that holds clubs and sprawling night life, though the older district holds an older style of class not found within the modern era. Nephilim rest within their church, enforcing laws and judgment. Angels wander the street falling down upon demons with holy might, demons plunder in the darkness of the night on the run from the holy and the mundane.

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